The cryptocommunity of artists and developers for digital art & game

We a non-commercial organisation, but collaboration of individual crypto enthusiasts & professionals from whole world that connecting with technologies for building better decentralised controlled world for exciting & happy future.


All digital & analog content is made by people & for people.
We just wrap this in NFT to make it your own & trade.


We use WEB3 with different blockchains for best experience and more opportunities.

Our dApps works with Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Binance Smart Chain and many others EVM-based blockchains, so our products can be freely accessed by most of the internet users just with browser (in built-in wallet or with).

Services for artists

One-stop place where you can generate NFT collection with unique items (<1000 FREE) from the set of your own ulimited number of layers. Also you can set the rarity of each trait, their names. Metadata generating for ETH (ERC-20) and SOLANA format, so no matter where you will trade it.

There is smart-contract generator & deploy tool available for our resident artists too.

dApp for minting generated collection is totally FREE too for your first published with our tool collection.

With our marketplace you can publish your NFT’s or whole collections with very low fees on Polygon blockchain. They also will be published on in the collection of our deployed contracts. So, every traded NFT on our market making good stats on opensea for all community artists.

Our free and safe WEB3 crypto wallet helps you to see, organize & transfer all your digital assets, icluding NFT’s. It’s works from browser, so your secret phrase or password never leave your device when you use it. It’s also have built-in ONRAMPER exchange, where you can quick buy any tokens just with simple bank card. DEX exchange, for trading tokens are available in our wallet too. New features will be added soon, stay tuned.

Space for collectors

Our community is increasing new users every day. The best place to find out new gem NFT’s or rising stars artists is the community where they all can be found. That’s why, if you are looking for something special & interesting you must check out our Discord, Twitter, Telegram & also insta!

Every week we are doing AMA, giveaways & other rewards for our members for their social networks activities and new user invites.

We have our $DAT 🎨 token, that used across different services and projects in our meta-city, you can paticipate activities and achive it free, than stake to make even more, use in play2earn game (in development, alpha in 1Q2022) or exchange on DEX and soon trade (listing in 2022) on CEX.

Special Members Access Cards NFT’s that gives access to exclusive services or even some of celebrities fans pages(our service too) you can buy with cool discount if use our tokens.

Metacity for gamers

Right now we are building PLAY2EARN game, where everybody can design, mint & breed unique NFT creatures and then use it in different scenarios to earn rewards that can be exchanged for real money then. You can also trade them on build-in market or on any market that supports Polygon blockchain. We use Polygon for extra-low fees, so our players could earn more tokens when they use blockchain with less commisions.

First players will have most profit, but later ones can rich it too. Game begins from designing your new character from different pieces, that was drawn by hand with real artists. The number of time that every trait variable is limited, as the number of GEN0 generated character NFT’s. After trait variable will be disabled & that trait can be achived only by breeding with character that have disabled trait variable.

On the next updates using of external collections become available, so all owners of our Scre4mer, Dottki or others NFT collections that will be released by our team and minted by users, will have function to make a clone of their creature (with his personality, traits and so on) into the game. After that 3D version begin developing to bring our Metacity heroes to worldwide Metaverse.

You can follow us on Twitter, Discord or join Telegram group to stay in touch with latest news or take apart in pre-alpha release testing experience.