This NFT collection is the result of collaboration between art & technology. There are only 2022 creatures with 15+ variations of 6 trait that was drawn handfully by famous Ukraine artist Murt Burner from Kiev & then digitally assembled by DigiArt technologies and wrapped to NFT format for best security & your convenience. 

auto price increase

First mint starts from 20 MATIC. Every minted creature increasing price of next Dottka mint at 0.2022 MATIC.

20% cashback raffle every mint

Random minter will be chosen every time mint happens & gets 20% of current price. More Dottki you have – more chances to win.

giveaway in instagram

You can win one of the 10 special HERO Dottka in Murt Burner’s instagram every week. Follow him right now don’t miss a chance!

For the first mint you can get random Dottka, so who it will be?

The planet Barax was created by the
Great Master Metas

The planet was divided into two enemy parts, White and Black Barax, each of which was inhabited by warlike tribes of chess-like humanoid creatures who called themselves Dottki.

This planet has its own laws and rules, peacetime has never existed here, only endless daily battles between the inhabitants.

During the battle, there is one single rule, Dottka has no way to go back if it is in danger position. But the Great Master Metas endowed all Dottki’s with the magical power of transformation into a powerful figure – Ferzak, which is worthy to take its place near Metas, with one not simple condition, to reach the opposite side of the Barax border.
And always remeber: “Don’t Trust The King”.

You can explore DOTTKI in 3D space!


You can win the NFT with “one of a kind” Dottka!
Check out Murt Burner @ instagram!
Also you can get more info & support in twitter or telegram.

Drawn by Artist – Generated by Machine

All variables of every trait were meticulously handfully drawn by an artist, so that later be transformed in unique and inimitable combinations by a digital machine. All this is now available to you in NFT format on Polygon.

Need to buy MATIC for MINT?

You can use any exchange like dex quickswap or centralised like Binance.
But if you want to make it really fast and without long registrations, KYC or validations, just use ONRAMPER & pay with simple plastic card, MATIC’s will be in your wallet in few minutes & you’ll be able to mint this cool DOTTKA.



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