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What is MetaMask, where I can get it & how to add Binance Smart Chain?
Add BSC Network to MetaMask
Use links to add network & token to MetaMask:
Add Binance Smart Chain Add DigiArt Token

Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask equips you with a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange—everything you need to manage your digital assets. Ti install it, go from your device to metamask.io

To add Binance Smart Chain you must first open registered MetaMask (if mobile), go to Settings,
Networks, Add new RPC Network & enter BSC parameters:

Network Name: Smart Chain
Chain ID:
Block Eplorer URL:

How to mint NFT with your site & dApp?

For minting NFT’s we have special dApp. You can use MetaMask browser (if on mobile) or Chrome, Firefox or any other PC/MAC browser with MetaMask installed. Just go to our MINT MACHINE: http://pixobits.org:3000 (you can copy and paste this address)
1. Push “Connect MetaMask” (don’t forget to choose Smart Chain before in it), then you’ll see real time loaded cost of 1 NFT mint & already minted amount from total supply; 
2. Click MINT, then Confirm transaction & fee in your wallet.; 
3. Wait a few moments & check your wallet for new NFT. Congratulations! 😉

Where I can see my NFT’s and how to sell them on marketplaces or auctions?

You can see all NFT’s that already in your wallet using our site. Just go to Wallet section & authorize with MetaMask.

Any auction or marketplace supporting Binance Smart Chain can trade our NFT’s. Just authorize in marketplace app and check you wallet for our NFT’s.
Also you can use our MetaMarket (alpha version) to trade your NFT’s on all marketplaces that have already listed our collections at the same time.